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Rae. 22. She/her. Makeup artist in training. Queer and in love. Intersectional feminist not taking your bs. Currently blogging about Marvel, Tolkien, Teen Wolf, Star Trek and the occasional fleeting obsession. Pretty girls, cool art, and politics.


just gonna give $100k to this dude who murdered an unarmed black kid. why? nah he doesn’t need financial support or anything, he’s on paid leave right now, but yknow. just want to throw my hard-earned money at murderers because i’m literal human filth




i guess i recorded an ice bucket challenge today after i got my wisdom teeth out ??



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1. Always post the rules

2. Answer the questions from the person who tagged you.

3. Write 11 new ones

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My answers:

1. If you could have one cardboard cutout, who would it be?

My first instinct is Legolas cause I already have him, but if I had to choose another I’d say Crystal Reed as Allison Argent. I have a thing for Archers I guess.

2. What’s that song you have to go back and play again every time you hear it?

Mace Spray by the Jezabels

3. What’s one useless fact you learned in school that you still remember for some reason? 

I don’t know if I learned this in school or what but my go to useless fact is that a hummingbird’s heart beats over 1200 times a minute.

4. A movie that you have to watch every time you see it on TV?

Any MCU movie or Bring It On.

5. If you had to choose your life to be a popular fanfic trope(coffee shop au, fuck-or-die, that one Notting Hill fic that’s in every fandom), what would it be?

Stripper AU where I don’t give up my awesome job just cause I’m in love.

6. Thing you shouldn’t do/like so much but do anyway?

Eat too little and eat too much. I have no middle ground.

7. Kink you probably won’t bring up with a significant other?

I’m gonna be hella boring because I don’t think I’d hide any of my kinks? I’m just very open and probably a bit selfish when it comes to that. But I guess I’ll say bruises/hickeys cause Av doesn’t really like them.

8. One canceled show you would do anything to bring back?

Mockingbird Lane! Never got past the pilot but it WAS SO GOOD.

9. Celebrity that you’ve seen most/all of their terrible imdb credits?

Orlando Bloom. I’m so weak.

10. What’s something you hated as a child and now love?

God, I was such a “tomboy” growing up so I would say my own femininity. As a kid I totally had a lot of internalized misogyny and wanted to distance myself from things I deemed too “girly” but now I embrace that shit. Pink, dresses, makeup, fashion. Give me all the femme realness.

11. A song where the lyrics just make you go “damn?”

This Too Shall Pass by Danny Schmidt

My Questions:

1.What’s your strangest illogical fear? 

2.How long do you think it would take you to cry if you were sitting in front of Marina Abramovic?

3.There are college courses on Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and James Franco, so what is your dream out-of-the-ordinary college course to take?

4. When you are sad do you prefer to listen to upbeat or depressing songs?

5. Is there a musical artist that has followed you through your life and seemed to pop up just when you need them? Who are they?

6.Drunk/high snack of choice?

7. What book genre is your life and what genre do you want it to be?

8. What’s a movie you like that everyone else seems to hate?

9. It’s almost fall, so what’s your favorite thing about it?

10. You have to trade places with a superhero, who do you pick?

11. What’s do you think is the most annoying social media faux pas/trend/etc.?

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Beauty Blunders

Laura Callaghan

@Charlie_Carver: At work, but don’t give a damn- @damonlindelof deadline I accept your #icebucketchallenge [x]


it occurred to me I’ve never really drawn a gorgon before and decided i had to remedy that


What Would Beyoncé Do Mug
She’d get to work and make some money is what she’d do. Use this mug for your morning coffee and you’ll be living like Beyoncé in no time. Sold on Etsy.


What Would Beyoncé Do Mug

She’d get to work and make some money is what she’d do. Use this mug for your morning coffee and you’ll be living like Beyoncé in no time. Sold on Etsy.