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Light’s dialogue in Death Note is SO much better if you imagine it as an OKCupid profile.




Robyn Cumming

“If [Cumming] were an emotion, [she] would be laughing that turns into coughing…and then dry-heave style crying.”

My follower and following counts are exactly the same. That’s cool.





Groot by Calen Hoffman from Propcustumz [Full imgur album]

Shut the fuck up this is so amazing. 😱


oh my god


Miss America coins the “Face It Tiger, You Just Hit the Jackpot” of the 21st Century.


Miss America coins the “Face It Tiger, You Just Hit the Jackpot” of the 21st Century.

Alan Tudyk’s and Nathan Fillion’s encounter with Justin Bieber at the Halo 3 release party (x)


The first special guest announcement for Emerald City Comicon 2015 (March 27 - 29) is: Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie.

If you’re a fan of say… Young Avengers, or Phonogram, or Journey Into Mystery, or the recent redesigns of Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel, you should know who kierongillen and mckelvie are. If not, have a brief bio for both:

Kieron Gillen is a comic book writer based in London. He is well known for his work on Young Avengers, Journey Into Mystery, Phonogram, and Iron Man. He is also currently writing The Wicked + The Divine, Original Sin, Essential X-Men, and Uber. Recent works include Origin II, Three, Smoke/Ashes, The Mighty Thor, A+X, Avengers vs. X-Men, AVX: Consequences, Revolutionary War: Dark Angel.

Jamie McKelvie is a London-based comic book artist known for his recent Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel redesigns, as well as his work on Young Avengers, Phonogram, and Suburban Glamour. He is currently working on The Wicked + The Divine, and has done recent covers for All New X-Factor, Loki: Agent of Asgard, Nightcrawler, The Fuse, Morning Glories, and Revolutionary War: Omega.

So there you go, our first special guest announcement for ECCC 2015. Admission pricing information will be available August 15, and passes go on sale September 1.


like seriously i cant believe ppl on this website r so eager to validate their shitty views on others that theyll take outlandish troll sjw posts at face value like are you kidding

i could literally make a post right now that says ‘friendly reminder that pooping is offensive to people without buttholes’ and doll it up with japanese emotes and itd get like 5000 reblogs going “I CANT BELIEVE THIS SOCIAL JUSTICE BULLSHIT”


"oh my GOd there are TWO gay characters in this movie lets watch it"

"dude dude dude we have to see it it has a queer girl

"I heard this movie has non-sexualized female character”

"ok I know it only has one girl but she is written like an ACTUAL PERSON!!"


"so its not canon but if you squint I think this character is asexual”

"and get this the gay character is actually not white


I want to go on a platonic date with The Rock. I want to go rollerskating with The Rock. I want to eat pizza and froyo with him on one of his cheat days. I want to go to the pound and adopt the smallest most fluffy puppy with The Rock. I want to play Cards Against Humanity with The Rock. I want The Rock to tuck me in and kiss my forehead when I go to sleep.